PooMa, the Epilogue

Sometimes life just gets busy, and blogs go by the wayside. I realize almost nobody reads here anymore, on account of my sorriness at updating, but I ALSO realized I left a story unfinished. I wanna tie up loose ends, pun TOTALLY intended. Continue Reading »

Listening for 9/30/10 Test

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I Love…

Bog the kitty napping.

The blissful sleep of the unfettered conscience...

… kitten feet.

… kissing kitty ears.

… being greeted by the furbabies at the front steps when I get home.

… knowing I can sleep in tomorrow, whenever tomorrow may be.

… when JP reaches up for me to hold his front feet while he streeeeeeeeeetchesssssss.

… that he’s disappointed if I don’t grab them.

… when I play the first note of the piano prelude at church, and I close my eyes and feel Something much better take over.

… watching fire.

… needing a blanket to sleep (winter! yay!)

… the melancholy of dusk.

… how (insert one-who-shall-not-be-named) wears those oh-so-tight jeans. Mmm.

With thanks to Mir, who gave thanks to Karen, for this Love Thursday post idea.

Sometime in late June a cat showed up in my kitchen, a bag of bones full to bursting with kittens. She ate and disappeared for a couple of weeks, when she showed up again sans baby belly, but still skeletal. She stood at my feet and screamed like she was being skinned, until I managed to hit the right inflection trying to calm her. I meowed, she looked at me, stopped screaming, and tucked her head to be petted. That was the beginning of a saga that is still unfolding, and may well end with my first healthy euthanasia.

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On Top of the Dirt

There are days when the number 44 seems impossibly large for a life so unlived. I can NOT be this old, yet the gray hair is my tell: ’tis true. I am middle aged. At other times 44 is an underestimate of the weariness that hangs around my neck like so much flotsam, when life just… sucks.

I am in a mood. The heat has me worn down, everybody wants my money (which, hey! Good luck with that!) My animals keep getting sick or hurt, or strays find their way in and crap on my floors. I keep letting people disappoint me, see nefarious schemes where there are none. I am paranoid. One day I saw 3 references to fire on tv and the internet, and then wound up sitting across the hall from a fire alarm, and my brain went nuts. “Is it a sign?? That ceiling fan hasn’t worked for years, but when I slam the door it comes on. Is that gonna be where a fire starts?” I tell you, this “being me” thing, it is no picnic. I am sure it is some sort of hormonal freak out, and I will be fine in a day or two when some gland somewhere decides to work, but until then, it is dark in my world, man. DARRRK. Continue Reading »

Quiet… Mostly.

The Zoo has been relatively quiet lately. Well, it was quiet if you forget the unfortunate incident with Fred A-Stare, the stray cat who nearly put me in the hospital a couple of weeks ago. Or the spinal column my dog managed to drag up. Or the flat tire, dead truck a/c, and storm-felled trees with baby birds in them. So, yeah. Quiet.

My favorite window in the house is the one in my back bathroom. Um.. you’re welcome. It overlooks the back yard, and aside from the DISH the idiot tech installed right in front of it, affords the best views of “stuff.”

This, for instance.
what the dog did

In case you can’t tell, that’s a pool noodle and a yellow soccer ball. WAS. WAS a pool noodle. Which started the day IN THE POOL. The soccer ball started the day in somebody else’s yard. No idea whose.

Back in January, this was the view.


And this…

Sam the posessed

And this.

paw prints in snow

But always, ALWAYS, there is this.


Or these…



The real King of the Zoo gets the top step, though.

Romeo light Or at least the SECOND one.

Ahh, that’s the life.

The loves of my life, for your perusal.

Happy Love Thursday, a little late. Maybe it’s Happy Family Friday instead.


Flea apparently decided 6 weeks was long enough for the blog to be dark, and tagged me in a meme. I am kinda glad, cuz I was gonna do it anyway. I’m not tagging anybody, simply because I don’t think I have 5 readers left to tag. If you want to do it, feel free. 🙂

Five Things, Five of Me, whatEVERRRR.

1. Where were you five years ago?

Five years ago this very day I had just finished up the worst year of my entire teaching career, and that’s saying a LOT. I was relieved that my schedule had been fixed for the fall, and things were looking up. Two months later it all went to Hades (with a new low in the Awful Year category), but that’s another story.

2. Where would you like to be in five years?

Tulsa. 🙂

J/K, sorta. I would like to have gotten off the sofa and fixed my broken self, and escaped from the prison that has been my life in GA. I would like to be a published choral arranger, making a living from it. That nomination for a Dove Award would be nice, too. Heh.

3. What is on your to do list?

a. Cut down several of trees that have sprung up in my fence.
b. Laundry, always laundry.
c. Paint (which will only get done under threat of forced labor in direct sunlight)
d. Submit choral arrangements to publishers
e. Convince my pool to embrace the concept of clean and clear so that it’s less like swimming in a pond and more like… umm… a chlorinated pond.

4. What are five snacks that you enjoy?
a. cashews
b. chocolate anything
c. cheetos
d. popcorn
e. my cousin Glenda’s cheese ball (which I can only get at thanksgiving and Christmas)

5. What are five things you would do if you were a billionaire?

I am leaving out the tithe, because that would be an off-the-top given.

a. Pay off my church’s building loan and fulfill its’ wish list
b. Pay off my friends’ debt, as well as take care of some family members that need help
c. Set up trust funds to build and run several area no-kill animal shelters
d. Support several local non-profits that are underfunded
e. For myself… the dream house with a recording studio/computer lab, and a half-acre screened-in cat sanctuary, so my babies never have to fear a car, dog, or bobcat again

There ya go. You wanna play? Go for it! Just link back so I can read along!


Keeping my mouth shut is usually a good thing. Sometimes it might be better to open up and speak my mind. This was one of those days.

“Thank You, God, for this most amazing day.”
“Good boy! You stayed out of the road!”
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“Do you EVER say no? Cuz seriously, if that child gets the crap knocked out of him when he has to actually interact with the real world, it will be your fault. Put THAT in your therapy pipe and smoke it.”

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The $125 Oil Change

I know it is normal practice for women to let men change the oil in their vehicles, I do, even if it means paying strangers money to do it. I HATE those guys, tho, cuz they always try to sell me stuff I don’t need, and I feel guilty for saying no. A while back I bought the filter and the oil to do it myself, and frankly, never did. The filter sat on my dining room table, mocking me, reminding me that I am more or less a lazy sot. It was a very LOUD filter, that one. On Monday, I decided to shut it up. Continue Reading »