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Remember the bragging about leisure? Boy, was that stupid. The new school starts classes at 7:45 am, so that means I’ll have to be there at 7:30. Criminy. It gets worse instead of better. Too bad I can’t brag with a straight face about how great it is to be free and not encumbered by a studly hubby! Even not so studly! Or not studly at all! See, universe? This is me, smiling about that!

Danged know-it-all universe.

It sounds stupid that time might be a deal-breaker, huh? The ultimate slacker-excuse: “I am not a morning person.” Now, I know better than to say no to one of the top school systems in the state over a thing like a snooze alarm, but my point is that I get so little sleep as it is, even with no real job, that taking off another hour on the end of it is going to be hard for me. Please, no snide comments about slothfulness. There are just things that make life harder than it has to be, and that is one of them. Why does the butt-crack of dawn have to come so EARLY?  Dang, I hate being such a slug.

In other news, I have a shiny truck tonight. I wanted confidence for the interview, and a clean ride seemed like a good place to start. I’ll kill any bug that gets on my windshie– uh..wait. That’s not right… um… oh, well.

I have to go now. Huge-Mart is calling my name with its’ cheap gas, since I forgot to fill up before I left town. I need things anyway, I am sure. I don’t know what they are, but Huge-Mart does. They must, since I never come out with exactly what I went in to get. Amazing how a trip for a tube of toothpaste will find me with a brand-spanking new set of patio furniture…in December… and no toothpaste.



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I have had an incredibly bizarre day.

First off, it has felt like Friday all day. My Fridays have a sort of post-apocalytic feel to them, in that I see very few people, and am usually alone at the church while I work. It’s like one of those odd 70’s movies whose soundtrack has been so messed up by editing for tv that it really doesn’t exist anymore. Anyway, I was awakened by the personnel director for Auburn City Schools. That’s Auburn, Alabama, for anybody that doesn’t know me. I have had a secret desire (to some, ok? I didn’t tell EVERYBODY) to work in Auburn, and my heart took a leap at the caller id.

“I’m trying to reach (me).”
This is she.
“HI! This is Perky McHappy with the Auburn City Schools. We are looking for a choir director!” PingpingpingBounceBounceBOUNCE

Long story short, their HS CD resigned suddenly, and the ed chick at Auburn U recommended me. Highly. Of course, how many qualified people aren’t working in October, but still. I was pleased and honored. Add to that the fact that just this past July, I had driven past this school and wished. That I had thoroughly read their website in March or April, when I thought there was a Jr. High opening. That positions in this system are usually filled from below, so getting into it at the top is unheard of. Add, please, that I had no interest in working in any other school system in the country. Now, total those columns. Looks pretty much like a day-glo yellow road, doesn’t it?

I am scared out of my mind, because I want this. I really do. But it is a HUGE jump in responsibility, in a situation where a beloved director just jumped out of the boat mid-stream. But? I want this.

I really, REALLY do.

I called somebody at home when I was in Auburn for a seminar this summer and told them to find homes for the cats, I was getting an apartment and wasn’t coming home.  The thought of leaving in a couple of weeks, though..criminy. Can I do this? Am I capable?

To top all this off, Grey’s Anatomy was WON-derful tonight. I am still crying. I am wiped, folks, and suddenly the world is open, and huge, and inviting.

Part of me is already in Alabama. Lord, help me. I want to live in Alabama.


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