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God is going to get good and tired of me railing on Him when crap goes wrong. But apparently He is in a good mood at the moment, and somebody has been praying for me HARD. In the midst of my grief over losing not one, but four kittens in one day, I said some pretty serious things to Him. I meant them. Then my guardian angels stepped in and softened me up a little, and I managed to not cut my wrists. (more…)

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WOOOT! Buttinski Chick (BC) got SHOT DOWN! In FLAMES, she was! Oh, wait. I’m not supposed to rejoice in that, am I. Um. Wow. OK, um…. oops?

I went to the church office to pull the music and she informed me that “apparently” the worship team would be choosing the music. HAH. Take THAT, little miss “oh, I’ll be GLAD to choose it all mySELLLLF, since I am sooooo much more qualified.”

DURN. I rejoiced again, didn’t I? (more…)

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