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If I think about things too long, I wind up needing to take an axe to a tree. I used to do that in a house I rented 20 years ago. There was a dead tree in the back yard which the homeowner didn’t want to take down, so when I got particularly angry about things, like, you know, overbearing bosses and prissy administrators, I would take my dad’s axe and get busy. I would yell and name each lick on that poor tree. It┬ádidn’t come down on my watch, but it sure took some abuse. (more…)

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WOOOT! Buttinski Chick (BC) got SHOT DOWN! In FLAMES, she was! Oh, wait. I’m not supposed to rejoice in that, am I. Um. Wow. OK, um…. oops?

I went to the church office to pull the music and she informed me that “apparently” the worship team would be choosing the music. HAH. Take THAT, little miss “oh, I’ll be GLAD to choose it all mySELLLLF, since I am sooooo much more qualified.”

DURN. I rejoiced again, didn’t I? (more…)

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