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Things will work out the way they are supposed to be. I forget that I have no debt on this house, that I can rent it if need be. When I talked to the realtor today about backing out of the house deal, she completely understood, and reassured me that stuff happens all the time. Five minutes after we hung up, she called back and suggested I rent the new house until I can sell the old one. DUH. She can put a tenant in there in a couple of hours. The bank thinks the extra financed amount will be ok, and somebody has 3 free rooms of brand new carpet to give away that I can put in the bedrooms. It has actually already been claimed by somebody who also doesn’t need it, and who has told me it’s mine if I want it.

I am truly afraid to be excited.

It seems like an easy decision, and it would be if I had a real job or a mate. It’s scary as heck to know I’m the buck’s wall. It stops full force with me. Urghhhhh.

*gnawing fingernails*

OK. I’m gonna do it.

Wish me luck.

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